Top 4 Freelancing websites in pakistan in 2024

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In this article, I am going to tell you about the 4 best freelancing websites from which you can earn a lot of money and become successful in life. The people of Pakistan are hardworking and do their work properly so their demands in the freelance marketplace are very high. Pakistan comes 4 on the list of Freelancing in the world, so it means Freelancing websites in Pakistan(pftp) are also for the whole world. Now I am going to tell you the best Freelancing websites in Pakistan.


These are the best websites in Pakistan from which you can earn money.

Upwork comes #1 in the list of Freelancing websites in Pakistan and the whole world. In Upwork, you made an account and you have to write a proposal here for taking work because there is a lot of competition and people are working hard so you have to write a good proposal.

Table of Contents comes 2nd on my list, it is the same as Upwork but Upwork has more demand and jobs, both pay handsome money because the minimum amount of both marketplaces is $20.

Fiverr comes 3rd on my list, but it is not like other marketplaces it is different, here you have to create gigs and rank them on Fiverr, and if people like your gig then they give you an order and you can earn money.

Workchest comes 4th on my list, It is also one of the best freelances marketplaces. It is also a proud moment for Pakistanis that this website is made by Pakistani Hisham Sarwar(the guru of freelancing). its method is also the same as Upwork and

So what are you waiting for to learn skills and earn money from these marketplaces and become successful?

Freelance work at home in Pakistan:

There are many skills that you can learn and earn a handsome amount of money.

The top 5 Skills are:

1: Web development
2: Graphic Designing
3: Software development
4: SEO
5: Video Editing

If you work hard on only one skill for 45 days I assure you that you can get work and earn so don’t waste your time and your skill and learn. There are also many more skills that you can learn but these are our top 5, you have to search your niche if you don’t want to work in this field.

Freelancing course in Pakistan:

Many people don’t work because they think they have to pay and then they learn these skills, this is not true because many platforms can provide you courses. I am going to tell you the best platforms from where you can learn these skills easily.

1: Youtube.

2: Digiskills

3: udemy


We all know that youtube is the best platform to learn skills because many youtube channels give you full courses for free. The best one is “Hisham Sarwar” and there are also many channels you can search for and learn skills.


Digiskills is a platform for the people of Pakistan to learn skills, from every 3 months they open their a registration and you registered there and they give you full course and also you can call them if you have any problem.


Udemy is a worldwide platform for all people around the world, Paid courses and free courses both are available there if you need to be paid course you have to buy it and free courses are free to enroll and start learning skills.

The Conclusion is that you have to learn skills go to a freelance marketplace and start earning money.

Thank you.

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