Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners (Updated 2024)

Today, I am going to tell you the best Affiliate programs for beginners.

These affiliate programs are the best programs for beginners so basically, it’s the best time to start.

In today’s blog post, I will tell you the 5 best affiliate programs.

1: Canva Affiliate program.

2: Bluehost Affiliate program.

3: Udemy Affiliate program.

4: Debounce the Affiliate program.

5: TubeBuddy Affiliate program.

What is Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a business. you can signup with a big brand and share their product links. when anyone comes from that link ad buys the product you will earn a commission.

Canva Affiliate Marketing:

What is Canva?

Canva is a free platform for editing images, copyright-free images, videos, and many more. Canva is becoming popular day by day and most people use it because of its amazing and easy-to-use features. you can make a Facebook post, Instagram post, videos, cv, resume, letter, flyer, banner, logo, youtube thumbnail, presentation, cover, card, A4 document, business card, menu, etc. so it’s worth joining canva and make your life easy. You can also make a gig on Fiverr about these skills and earn money, just edit on canvas and send it to a client. an amazing platform to earn and benefit and this is why I like canva so much.

How To Sign Up For The Canva Affiliate Program?

Write Canva on google.


After writing canva on google search and this page opens.

Click on Canva


The home page opens.

Canva home page

Now scroll down and find where affiliate programs are. look at the company line and the option of an affiliate program is on fourth.

Click on an affiliate program.

Canva Affiliate program

After clicking on the affiliate program this page opens. Click on join now.

Canva Join now

Now the real works start. Fill this all information, but remember to write true information.

Canva Information


Now click on  signup,

Canva signup

and you are done, all things are set now open your dashboard and start sharing your link and earn money. When you signup for a canvas affiliate program they give you special ad banners to use on websites. When anyone subscribes to Canva from your link you will get a commission.

Canva Affiliate Commission:

$36 for each subscriber, a handsome amount of money to earn from just pasting a link, no hard work, just wait and watch.

Canva Contributor:

Canva contributor is a platform to sell your own photos, videos, or anything you want. when a user uses your photos, and videos in his work then you will get a commission. This is one of the best ways to help people engage more people with your website. If you have an art to draw or capture something unique that only belongs to you then sell it on canvas and earn a handsome amount of money.

Blue host Affiliate Program:

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a very well-known domain-hosting provider company founded in 2003 and their headquaters are in Florida, USA.

How To Signup For The Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Write Bluehost on Google.


After that click on the Bluehost Affiliate program.

Bluehost Affiliate program


 Click on create an account, if you have one before login in.

Bluehost create account

And fill in your full information.

Bluehost signup

Take the link from your profile and paste it wherever you want, when anyone comes from that link and buys hosting and domain or any other service you will get a commission.

BlueHost Affiliate Commission:

$65 per sale, it is more than wow, man what you are waiting for, sell their product and get a huge commission.

Udemy Affiliate Program:

Udemy is the biggest platform to learn anything, Basically, it’s an education platform. you can learn coding, digital marketing, social media marketing, and big skills from here. people enroll for the course they need and it is obviously a paid platform to learn, some beginner courses are also free to start. 

I learn website development, graphic designing, and affiliate marketing from udemy and I assure you that your money is worth it here.

How to Signup for the Udemy Affiliate Program: Write Udemy on Google.


Click on Udemy: Online courses


Scroll down and click on Affiliate.

Udemy Affiliate program

Now click on Join.

Udemy join now


Now fill in the Full information.

Udemy information

When you fill in full information sign up and start sharing your link and whenever anyone comes from your link and enrolls for the course you will get paid.

Udemy Affiliate Commission:

20% Commission and 7 days of cookies, the commission is fantastic for websites like udemy because in today’s growing everyone wants to become successful and learn something new, so it is easy to get more people to your link and earn a commission.

Debounce Affiliate Program:

Debounce is valid email validation, they save you from fake and invalid emails, every small or big business needed an email list to survive in today’s world because an email list is a source of money, professional people keep updated their email list and sell their products to people who need. so, debounce is a very good option to join and give value to your product and business.

How To Join Debounce Affiliate Program:

Write debounce on google.


Now click on Affiliate.


Create your account and fill in the full information.

Debounce Affiliate program

when you register yourself you will official member of the affiliate. The home page looks like this.

Debounce Affiliate program Dashboard

Debounce Affiliate Commission:

Up to 25% Commission and 30-day cookie, I like this program so much because of its benefit in business and their commission is also good to earn.

TubeBuddy Affiliate Program:

Tubebuddy is an amazing tool to grow your youtube channel because they provide you all information that how your video gets more views. Keyword research, competitor research, and many more. I personally use this program and it will give you all statistics like google Adsense gives you analytics about your website. you can track and get the best results from this. There are many more affiliate programs for youtube but this is best, I encourage you to use it for one month and I know you will buy it because it will give you unexpected results.

How To Join Tubebuddy Affiliate Program?

Write Tubebuddy on google.


Then click on Tubebuddy the premier youtube channel management.


then click on company and Affiliate Program.

Tubebuddy Affiliate program

After doing that click on the sound good? sign up

Tubebuddy signup

Now sign up with your account and fill in all the information and start earning by sharing the link.

Tubebuddy sign in

Tubebuddy Affiliate Commission:

Up to 50%(Recurring)  and lifetime cookie. Recurring commission is best of all because here you can earn a lifetime until your user uses an affiliate program. when anyone goes from your link and joins the tube buddy it means you will get a commission but it is not the end, whenever he reviews his account you again get commission until he is using the program and it is very difficult to change the program when your work is going better. This is a life tip always choose a recurring type of commission because it gives you money for a lifetime.


These are the best Affiliate programs for beginners in 2024. I always give you honest reviews because I know I do bad with others it will return to me, so these all are the best affiliate programs and they will give you a commission on time and never say no to you. I hope you get all the information looking for. Best of luck! for the journey.

Thank you.


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