Propeller Ads Review 2023 (Case Study)

Propeller Ads Review 2023 (Case Study)

The propeller ad network is the best ad network after Google Adsense and I am going to prove this here in this post by attaching different proofs and making it easier for you to choose a network if you don’t have Google Adsense and first of all, we talk about what is an ad network. It is basically a way to earn money by placing their ads on your website or different platforms. people all over the world choose the best ad networks for their websites so they can earn as much as possible. but sometimes google Adsense can’t approve your website and then you need an ad network to earn money, so here I will tell you about a network called propeller ads.

There are many ways to earn money from websites like Affiliate marketing and sponsored posts but first is always some kind of ad network.

I also made a video on propeller ads review 2022.

Firstly, I will tell you how you can join the propeller ad network, Click here to join this network. After giving them all information they need you will come to that dashboard.

propeller ads review 2022

Here you can see many things on the left side. like statistics, sites direct link, payments, Earning, Referal program, propeller priority, and help center.

1.  Propellerads Statistics:

The Statistics dashboard is already open here you can see different types of dates where I earn profit and CPM. you can also check from which country your traffic is coming.

Propellerads Statistics
Some countries have very high CPM from which you can earn a lot if you have traffic from that countries.

Look at the CPM of these countries and you will shock.

Propellerads Statistics
Propellerads Statistics
Propellerads Statistics
Propellerads Statistics

Propellerads StatisticsPropellerads StatisticsPropellerads StatisticsPropellerads StatisticsNow I know you have a question that which type of ad format we can use to get high CPM. Don’t worry I will tell you here. 

Propellerads Ad format

As you can see I only use three ad formats and the result is here. push notification is very bad and also destroys your website because of its unnecessary ads. but 2 ads called interstitial and on click, popunder is amazing because of their CPM and high profit and these two ads make your website look good also. so the conclusion I use these two ad formats on your website and get a good profit.

2.  Propeller Ads Sites:

Propellerads Sites:

Sites dashboard looks like this here you can add your website right on top and after adding it insert a code in your website theme edit the HTML and verify your website.

Propellerads Sites

Now you need ads for the website so after verifying click on add zones and get the code of interstitial and click popunder and paste in your website.

Propellerads Sites
and that’s how their ads appear on your websites finally.

3.  Propeller Ads Direct Link:

The direct link is for those who have a lot of traffic on their social media accounts from which they can get traffic to their websites and earn money. Take the link and paste it on our accounts and if anyone clicks on the link you will get traffic and also earn money because of clicking on the link.

4. Propeller Ads Payment Method:

Propellerads Payment Method


They have three types of payment methods from which you can payout. They have a minimum payout of $5 from skrill EUR and Webmoney Z and $100 from PayPal USD. so, it’s good for those who have low traffic and can’t proceed to $100 in a short time.

5. Propeller Ads Earning:

Propellerads Earning

Here you see on which day you earn the most and by which method either referral or Ad serving. It is a good thing because you can come to know on which side you have to focus.

6. Propellerads Referral Program:

Propellerads Referral Program

Referral programs are the best way to earn money because here you don’t need to write articles or sponsored posts if you have traffic. As you can see from the link, just copy it and paste it into your website where ever you want and if someone joins propeller ads from this link you will get a 5% commission on his earnings.

7. Propeller Priority:

Propeller Priority

There are 4 levels in propeller priority. These requirements are according to your earnings and I think it is the best way to save a platform and give full benefit to users.

Propeller Ads Help Centre:

There help center is amazing and I have never seen that kind of help center before. They will contact you very quickly and solve your problems. My personal account ban and I contact them and they give me my account back. email them and they will contact you.


overall, it is an amazing platform if you don’t have Google Adsense. join their ad network and earn money and build your online business.

Click here to join propeller ads. 

This is the best propeller ads review 2022 because of so much detail in there. If you have a query comment below and I will answer.

Thank you.




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