Mobile phone addiction (Destroy everything)

Mobile phone addiction

The mobile phone is one of the best things that has ever happened to human beings. People not only use mobile phones for contacting others but also to make money from them and on the other hand, some people use it as a waste of time by doing nothing and just scrolling, be motivated all the time and always think of new things. friends someone said:

Mobile phone companies are rich day by day and people become poor day by day. Big companies make money and people are wasting their precious time The phone is smart day by day and people are mental day by day. The phone is launched bigger and bigger every year but it makes people’s minds shorter and shorter. so friend leaves this habit otherwise he will destroy you and your mind. Today, cheaper phones and cheaper packages make you cheap. A mobile phone is good when you use it for a good purpose but if you use it for a bad purpose he will use you and control your life 

Today’s the grounds are empty outside and no one is there to play because everyone is at home playing on mobile. The reality is Friends, you are not playing on mobile, mobile is playing with you. Have you ever seen when you open your mobile for work but when it’s open you are doing other work on it and after spending 1  hour on mobile you forget why you open your mobile? 87% of people spend 30 to 60 minutes on mobile before going to sleep at night, 

According to scientists it is dangerous for health and 80% of people check their phones when they woke up, now tell me it is an addiction or not?

Mobile applications are designed that way people spend most of their time on these apps Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and youtube these all apps eat your time just like a Tiger catches its target.

The apps and their notifications destroy your important time. The mobile phone was made for calling but now it is used for messaging, video uploading, video call, and many more. Today people use mobile for other work rather than calling.

Freinds remember, 

I am not asking you to stop using a mobile phone but I am asking you to use them for good purposes. People earn a lot of money by using these mobile phone and collecting information and becoming successful day by day. and also some people use it for bad purposes and ruin their lives. So, friend changes your habits and stop using mobile phones for wasting time and invest this time in other work and become successful in life.

The conclusion is that work hard for your dreams and don’t waste your precious time on social media. When time goes it never comeback

what you are waiting for?

The world never stops for anyone, thousands of people come and thousands of people go but it never stops. Freinds You have to walk alone if you want to become something.

Mobile phone addiction story:

1. I read many stories about people who are addicted to mobile phones which destroy their life. Let me tell you the story of my best friend who was the best student in our class, He join us in 5th class and he is very intelligent, he took the first position in class in the final exams of 5th and shocked us all even teachers because in our class all students are very intelligent and we didn’t expect this from him, from then he always got 1st  position in class and never back down an inch but after matric, he starts using the mobile phone a lot and waste his time on a mobile phone. when the results come off 12th he got 68% and we are all shocked because he got 94% in matric and he feels very bad and then he realizes what he did, so friends, mobile phone is destroying your life and you can’t even realize. I am not saying that you can’t use a mobile phone, use a mobile phone but in limited time and work hard on your skills to grow in life.

2. This story I read in one book and I think I have to tell you because it will give you the reality of life and how a mobile phone is destroying dreams. Ali is grown up in a middle-class family and his dream is to become an army officer he worked very hard from his childhood and participate in healthy activities, playing football, hockey, basketball, badminton, and many other sports to get fit for the army but he did a very big mistake which becomes the mistake of his life and he cries a lot. the mistake is when he competed for his 10th he start using the mobile phone a lot and after 2nd year when he is going to apply in the army as an officer he got rejected because of his eyes. his eyes become so weak and he wearing glasses and you know who has very weak eyesight didn’t get to the army. and his dream ended there and he then realize what I did, now he tells everybody doesn’t do what I did or otherwise you will get very bad results. use a mobile phone but in a limited range, so it will not harm you in the future.

3. This story I read in the newspaper and I feel very bad for the person who got around to an incident. Usman was a student in 9th class and he liked playing games on his mobile phone a lot. You all know in recent years a game called pubg got fame worldwide and its owner makes a lot of money from it. He was playing a pubg game on his mobile phone and played continuously for 6 hours and he didn’t realize that his phone heated up and now he gave him rest and charge the phone but he continuously playing, accidentally his phone blast because of heat and his fingers damage very badly and he got an operation of that and after the operation his fingers not get back to the same position before. look how damaging these mobile phones are, these mobile phones are not only damaging but also wasting your time and stopping you from fulfilling your dreams.


Overall, the outcome is mobile addiction is destroying our lives and we don’t even realize, the best possible solution is to work on yourself and be consistent and committed to your work. 


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