Step-By-Step Guide: Freelancing in Pakistan 2024

Step-By-Step Guide: Freelancing in Pakistan 2024


Freelancing in Pakistan

Pakistan lies 4th in the Freelancing world. Freelancing in Pakistan is popular day by day and people get freelancing projects and earn a good money. If you are Pakistani this blog post is especially for you but if you are not, then don’t worry you also read this blog post because there are a lot of more things that benefit you all.

Did you know?

Pakistan ranks 4th in the world in the field of freelancing and many people from Pakistan gets high achievement from big freelance marketplaces.

If you are thinking to start freelancing, don’t think and start because here I am going to tell you all the related and valuable information about starting freelancing.

First, you have to do is to select your skill in which you want to do Freelancing.

If you already learned your skill then it’s a wonderful thing but if you don’t learn yet then here I am helping you to choose a good freelancing skill and learn it.

High Demand Skills On Fiverr:

High Demand Skills on Fiverr

1: Web development.

2: Graphic Designing.

3: Software Development.

4: SEO.

5: Video Editing.

6: Machine Learning.

7: Data Science

8: Programming languages.

These are the 8 skills that are most in-demand every year.
Don’t worry if you know anything about these skills because I am here.

There are also many skills apart from these which don’t even need to learn just you have to make a gig and start freelancing.

Freelance Jobs That Require No Skills

Freelance Jobs that require no skills

1: Administrative Services.

2: Virtual Assistant. 

3: Support Staff Service.

4: Content writing service.

But I recommend you to learn high-level skills like Data science etc. The question arises from where did you learn these skills?


Freelancing Platforms in Pakistan for learning

Pakistan is a place where you can easily do free courses because people here are very generous and want to help beginners so here is the list of platform to learn Freelancing skills.              

1. Digiskills

2. Hisham Sarwar

3. Muft

4. Ismail Blogger

Below Platfroms are paid but very high quality Platforms to learn freelancing.

5. Udemy.

6. Great Learning.

7. Coursera

Freelance Market Places:

Freelance Market Places

when you learn the skill then question arises where I get clients? So, Below are the platforms that you must use for freelancing clients.

1: Fiverr.

2: Upwork.


4: Freelancer.

5:Workchest (Especially for Pakistanis made by Freelancing guru in Pakistan (Hisham Sarwar).

6. Toptal

Making Of Gig

Making a gig on fiverr

How to make a gig that can rank easily on the first page of Fiverr?

Some technical SEO tactics can easily rank you on first page but you have to learn it and then apply it. so, apply my strategy then everything become easy for you.

How to rank a Fiverr gig on the first page?

Choose keywords that have 1500 to 3000 traffic these keywords can rank easily. Don’t use other keywords that have 50,000 traffic because these keywords will never rank because at that keywords many people are working. This is for Fiverr but for other freelance marketplace places you have to write the best proposal for getting orders so you have to do it. 

How To Bid On A Freelance Project

1: Greetings.

2: Project of Employer.

3: Problems in the project.

4: Introduce yourself, your experience, and where you work before.

5: Free mockup.

6: Portfolio.

7: closing (Thanks).

One thing keep in mind, if you know how to do a project then write a proposal otherwise don’ t write them because if you don’t know how to work it will damage your Profile and you will never get an order again and your country also gets damage by you because that person never comes again to your country person and think everyone is there same.

Recommended Youtube Channel To Learn Freelancing In Pakistan


I recommend you a channel “Hisham Sarwar” that has very good information about freelancing and how to earn online. Because he is the guru of freelancing and I also start Freelancing because of him. I start listening to him and they give me many ideas on how to start freelancing, he also tells which skill is best and which skill has no competition and the job they don’t need skills.  I write this article Freelancing in Pakistan because I know in Pakistan people want to do their own work and they have to earn money.  Students want to pay their university fees and the women want to work from home.

The Best Way Of Earning From Internet In 2024

Freelancing is the best to earn money in this world and they get you a million dollars if you learn web development, and software development you made your own website and start blogging and from blogging, you earn more money rather than freelancing. Similarly, in Software development, make your own software. There are thousands of ways to earn money online but just you have to work hard and keep trying to get success. I know many people in Pakistan that can make thousands of dollars by Freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, affiliate programs, etc and I think you are also become successful if you start freelancing and working hard.

Pakistan Rank In Freelancing In 2024 Is

Pakistan Rank In Freelancing

Pakistan lies on 4th position in the Freelancing world.
 In the year 2023 Pakistani freelancers broke all the records and made millions of dollars.

Hisham Sarwar Freelancing Course

Hisham Sarwar the great is a guru of freelancing in Pakistan, He started his journey on the internet in the 1990s and now he is one of the most successful people to earn from the internet in the world. He is a very kind-hearted and down-to-earth man. He gives his courses for free on his youtube channel and on the Digiskills website. People all over the world watch his videos and learn a skill and earn a good amount of money. You can find his courses on a youtube channel name called “Hisham Sarwar”. go-to playlist and learn whatever skill you want to.

Hisham Sarwar Freelancing Website:

Hisham Sarwar is running a lot of websites on the internet but the famous blog is “Being guru” where he talks about freelancing, digital marketing, social media marketing, graphic designing, and many ways that can earn you money from a website. “Infomist” is the main website of Hisham Sarwar for getting orders on different services. He is also the owner of the freelancing website “workchest”. Workchest is just like Upwork, guru, etc.

Best Freelance Websites For beginners in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan is a top freelancing country we all know and its people are very hardworking and intelligent so I decided to tell you the best freelance platforms where you can start as a beginner.

1. College recruiter

2. Freelance writing gigs.

3. Outsourcely.

4. Glance.

5. Cloudpeeps

6. Workchest.

7. Thumbtack.

8. Behance.

9. Dribble.

10. Flexjobs.

11. Toptal.

12. Peopleperhour.

13. contently.

14. Coroflot.

15. Content.

These are the best freelance websites for beginners to start.


Overall, the outcome is to learn a skill and start freelancing on different platforms and become an independent person. If you have any queries let me know in the comment box.

Thank you.


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