How To Make Password Generator Tool Website In Blogger

How To Make Password Generator Tool Website In Blogger

Password Generator Tool Homeview

In this Blogpost, I am going to teach you how you will make your own password generator tool website in blogger without any coding or programming etc.

I make this tool by myself  and now I am giving away free password generator tool script so everyone get benefited. This tool is designed for blogger and it doesn’t effect your website in any away.

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Where To Get Started?

As You can see on top of my website a tool option so, when you click on it password generator option appear and when you click on password generator this tool open as I show you below.

Click here to access Password Generator Tool

Zn World Password Generator

Next, When you input a word, for example I put my name there “zain” it will generate 10 password at a time and you have to choose which you like and it also tells you which password is weak, strong or medium.

Zn World Password Generator

All these passwords are good, so don’t worry and just copy it and paste where ever you want.

Now, You know how this tool works but the question arises how you can make your own tool like this?

Step-By-Step Guide To Make Password Generator Tool:

First, you have to open your blogger website and go to pages section because we are going to upload script there.

You can Download script at the end of post from download button.

When you click on Download word file open, you just have to copy from top from this [<div style=”display:none;”>] and then come to your blogger and then open page section

Zn World Password Generator

and then click on this,

Zn World Password Generator

After this, The new page and you just have to go to html like this,

Zn World Password Generator

then, click there

Zn World Password Generator

and then remove the line that already written,

Zn World Password Generator

and paste you full code that I give you in word file like this,

Zn World Password Generator

now, script is ready, you just have to give title and description and upload it and then you see your tool working perfectly.

I hope you like this tutorial and tool, if you have any query feel free to ask in comment box.

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