Pakistan Launched It’s First Freelancing Website

Pakistan Launched It's First Freelancing Website

Workchest website made by the guru of freelancing in Pakistan “Hisham Sarwar”. Pakistan is the most growing country freelancing with a lot of talented people. Workchest Owner Hisham Sarwar realized that there should be a freelancing site in Pakistan so we can grow our country and help people worldwide.

Go now and get your first freelancing work from workchest because it’s new and people posting services worldwide and a minimum of people are willing to submit a proposal so the chance is high to get orders.

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What is freelancing?

Freelancing means completing a work given by someone in your field and when you complete he will pay you for the work, simple as that. If you’re thinking about becoming a freelancer or are already working as one, there are a few things you should know. First and foremost, freelancing is a great way to earn a living while maintaining a high degree of flexibility. You can work as much or as little as you want, and can often choose your own hours and work from home.

However, freelancing also comes with its own set of challenges. Because you’re not employed by a single company, you have to be proactive about finding and winning new clients. This can be tough, especially if you’re just starting out. Additionally, you may not have the same level of job security in other people’s companies.

Workchest owner:

As I told you before “Hisham Sarwar” is the Workchest owner. But I know you are wondering who is Hisham Sarwar?

Let me tell you who he is. He is the number one freelancer in Pakistan. He started his online career in 1998 when no one even thinks about it then he progress slowly and now he is one of the most successful people in online earning.

Let me tell you about the Hisham Sarwar website, He is the owner of uncountable websites but I am going to tell you about the most famous one. Hisham Sarwar is the Founder of “Being Guru”(The latest technology news and Motivation Website). Another one is “Infomist” etc.

He also runs a very famous youtube channel name “Hisham Sarwar”. In this channel, he teaches about freelancing, graphic designing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and many more.

Now I think you know about the workchest owner( Hisham Sarwar) and his services. Go now and follow Workchest founder if you want to earn online.

Workchest payment method:

Workchest freelance has a very minimum payment method to date but they are trying to add more and more payment methods very soon. For now, the Payment method is Rozgar Escrow. Rozgar Escrow is just like a physical shop where you paid upfront. Client money saves in Rozgar Escrow until the client will be happy with the work and allow Escrow to pay the service provider. The Money is released from Escrow *V Vault 500*.

Workchest signup:

Workchest cares about its users so much and tries to make it easy for everyone to join Workchest with minimum requirements.
The Signup Form for Freelancers looks like this:

Workchest signup

Click here to Signup as a Freelancer.

The Sign up For Employer looks like this:

Workchest signup

Employer means the person who needs a freelancer for his work.
Click here to sign up as an Employer.

Workchest login:

Workchest Login simply means you already have an account and want to open it in your browser.
The login form looks like this:

workchest login

Click here to login

Workchest reviews:

Workchest is getting famous day by day and people’s reviews are amazing about it and they refer other people to join this platform and get the full benefit. Workchest is new so getting the order is somehow easy now but when a lot of traffic comes on this platform soon then it is difficult for all of you to get orders. so start now and enjoy later and give the best Workchest reviews to grow rapidly.

Pakistan freelancing sites:

Pakistan has only 1 freelancing website and that is Workchest but if you talk about Pakistanis they work on all platforms in the world.

Some other Freelance marketplaces are:

  • Fiverr.
  • Upwork.
  • Guru.
  • Freelancer.
  • Peopleperhour.

If you are a freelancer then you should also join these platforms and get orders very quickly and make money.

Freelancing Skills to learn:

Many powerful skills will pay you a high amount of earnings. Beginners focus on big skills and when they learn they don’t get orders because of high competition. so, here I will tell low competition skills with a huge potential of earning.

  • Instagram Post Package.
  • Video Captioning.
  • Service Dropshipping.
  • Administrative Services. 
  • Virtual Assistant. 
  •  Support Staff Service.
  • Content writing service.

Learn these skills in a short time and start your freelancing career and grow yourself.


Overall, The outcome is that Workchest is the 1st Freelancing website in Pakistan and it is the best business. It’s a great opportunity for freelancers to grab work and make their good preference in workchest. so, when a lot of people employers come here they can easily grab work because their profile is already in shape.


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