5 Top Native Ads Platforms List

5 Top Native Ads Platforms List

Native Advertising is one of the most profitable and growing businesses nowadays because people pay less for it and get more results.

Native Advertising is basically a way to show ads on different popular platforms. Native ads do not look like ads they just look like blog posts that appear on websites so the viewer doesn’t even know if he is reading paid or normal content.

In this blog post, I will tell you the top native ads platforms you will easily use with their requirements and payment methods. 

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1. Outbrain:

Top Native Ads Platforms

Outbrain Is the Number 01 Native advertising company that shows your ads on the feed of popular websites like CNN, MSN, Sky News, Hearst, etc.

In Outbrain you have the choice to go for the CPC and CPM Pricing model for payment of 0.

Outbrain Payment Methods:

Outbrain Accepts Master Card, Discover, Visa, and American Express credit cards for payments, and their minimum payment to start Outbrain is $100. They also update their payment methods so check out the latest.

2. MGID:

Top Native Ads Platforms

MGID is the Number 02 Native advertising platform on my list. They also show your ads on websites like BBC, CNN, Airbnb, HITC, MSN, Qatar Airways, and many more.

In MGID the pricing model is CPC, CPM, and Revhare with a $100 minimum threshold.

MGID Payment Methods :

MGID accepts Paypal, Tipalti, Payoneer, Paymaster24, and Wiretransfer for payments.

For Paymaster24 the minimum threshold is $50.

3. Revcontent:

Top Native Ads Platforms

Revcontent is the Number 03 Native advertising platform on my list. They also show your ads to millions of people worldwide through websites like Forbes, Wayfair, and many more.

In Revcontent the pricing model is CPC and CPM with a $50 minimum threshold.

Revcontent Payment Methods:

Revcontent accepts Wire, ACH, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and discover for payments.

4. Taboola:

Top Native Ads Platforms

Taboola is the Number 04 Native Advertising platform on my list. They show your unique ads to millions of people through popular websites like USA Today, MSN, Business insider, NBC, Bloomberg, Fox, and many more. 

In Taboola the pricing model is only CPC with a minimum $100 threshold. 

Taboola Payment Methods: 

Taboola accepts Wire, ACH, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and discover for payments.

5. TripleLift: 

Top Native Ads Platforms

TripleLift is the Number 05 Native Advertising Platform on my list. They show your ads on popular websites like BBC, CNN, USA Today, eBay, The New York Times, and many more.
In TripleLift the pricing model is CPM and CPC with a minimum threshold of $50.

TripleLift Payment Methods: 

payment options in TripleLift are very minimum, they accept ACH direct deposit and check in the email for payments.

Native Ads For Affiliate Marketing:

Native ads is highly used for affiliate marketing and it is one of the best method to do affiliate marketing and gets a lot of conversions. It is easy to go with native ads then google ads because in native ads your ads will trigerred quickly and go to a large audience.

People use different strategies and do affiliate marketing with native ads and one of the most common way is to create content about product or service and then boost it with native ads and gets a lot of conversion in return.

My Recommendation:

My recommendation is to go with top 3 native ads platforms because they are very popular and people boost content daily on it. They are also available in almost every country with variety of payment option so need to worry just join them by easy sign up and start your native ads journey.

Overall, Native advertising is a highly recommended and profitable thing, you just need to target a right location and right people for amazing results.

I Hope you like this Blog post.

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