Hostinger WordPress Hosting : Build Your Blog In $2.99 With Free Domain

Hostinger Wordpress Hosting : Build Your Blog In $2.99 With Free Domain

In Today’s Growing world everyone wants to build online businesses and make money from home and that’s why I come up with a guide where you can build your WordPress blog for just $2.99.

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Why Do You Need a Blog?

Blog means the website that you own and makes content on it. Basically, a good practice is that always talk about one niche in your blog because it will give interest people and you also convert them into customers.

You can money from your blog by not only approving google AdSense but also by selling affiliate products or any service you want.

In simple words, if you have a good blog you can earn a lot of money by sitting in your home.

Why WordPress For Blog?

WordPress is the most popular and easy cms system that enables you to edit the content and make everything easy for you in one dashboard. 

let’s talk about some of its advantages, 

Plugins and Themes:

Plugins and themes are never enough because everyday technology is moving forward so in WordPress developers always introduced themes and new plugins that make work easier.


Without a doubt, SEO is one of the main factors in website growth and WordPress is built on SEO to make it easier for you to do SEO. 


WordPress is very easy to use because of its dashboard plugins etc all things are well managed and you don’t have to work hard just click on the function on the dashboard and proceed. 

What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a web hosting provider that can store your files, assets, and database on your server. When someone types your domain address on the Google search bar Hostinger automatically Transfers all your data to that address and makes it visible to people and also available at a fast speed. 

The web hosting company that provides you with all the great features and an awesome price of $2.99 per month only is Hostinger.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Hostinger WordPress Hosting:

Hostinger provides many different plans to start with but we can start with a shared hosting plan because it is more than enough for beginners and is cheap.
The plan is $2.99 monthly for a website when you access it from here.

Requirement To Setup Blog:

You need nothing, not even a domain because you will get a free domain with $2.99 per month hosting. Just sign up and let’s get started.

Step-By-Step Tutorial For Hostinger WordPress Hosting:

Let’s start the process and buy a hosting and free domain for WordPress.

Go to

Hostinger WordPress Hosting
Pick a plan for at least 12 months because 1 year is enough to learn and try different ideas on the website. when one year is completed and you think it’s time to scale up then buy 48 months of hosting one more important thing you also have the power to refund because hostinger has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

As you can see you will save $114 on the 12-month plan if you start from here.

12 Month plan will give you:

Hostinger WordPress Hosting
Look’s fantastic with a low price of $2.99/m.

If we talk about Payment methods then hostinger has a vast amount of options.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

Credit cards, Paypal, Google pay, Alipay, and Coingate all options are available. just pay $35 and get a 1-year plan with a free domain.

Literally, this is the best option to buy hosting and domain because they have fast and amazing services and you will never get in trouble.

When you are choosing a domain name always remember to choose the .com domain because it is a high-authority domain that people trust and you will scale your business easily.

After buying The hosting and Domain name it’s time to set up the blog.


The layout is a way how your website looks. Many people buy paid themes but I suggest you go with already-made themes in WordPress. Go with a theme name called “Neve”.

SSL Setup:

For those who don’t know what is SSL, Basically, SSL secures your payment transactions, data transfers, and logins. you can easily set up SSL by going to your dashboard and installing an SSL certificate.

Hostinger Cpanel:

Hostinger called Cpanel as hpanel and here you have subdomains, file manager, mail addresses, and many other good options.

The main concern is that you can add plugins from here and use them on your website and make your work easy.


Hostinger is the best option to start with because of its features and cheap plans.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

I hope you like our small tutorial.




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