H-Supertools : Free SEO & Digital Marketing Tools

H-Supertools : Free SEO & Digital Marketing Tools

Today, I will tell you the best free SEO & Digital marketing tool that will help you to grow your business. The tool name is H-supertools.

H-supertools gets around 592.10k traffic monthly and its results are the same as Semrush and Ahrefs I will prove it in this blog post.

I use H-supertools daily and get amazing results.

Now, let’s talk about h-supertools in detail.

H-supertools includes:

1. Seo:

Keyword Research Tool:


It is an extraordinary keyword research tool that helps you to find high competition and low CPC keywords from which you can easily rank on top google.

Always choose high competition and easy difficulty keywords because it is very easy to rank.

Bulk Keyword Data tool:


In this tool, you add up to 20 keywords at one time and get the best results and if you want to check the result for a specific country it is also available just choose the country and click on get data.

Question Explorer:


From this tool, you will get content ideas by putting specific topics and they will give you a lot of questions and ideas that people are searching on the internet and you have to make content on that topics so you will get good traffic to your content.

Backlinks Checker:


This tool is very common and Every person who works on the internet knows about backlinks. This tool helps you to find backlinks to your website and get a brief result.

Backlinks list:


Through this tool, you will get free and easy backlinks opportunities for your website to grow. This is an awesome tool to use and grow your business.

2: YouTube:

YouTube Keyword tool:


This tool is specific for YouTube, as we know people pay a lot to tube buddy and vidiq for youtube keywords but this tool is free and same results as paid tools.

Here you just have to write your keyword and pick up the keyword with high competition and easy difficulty.

When I use this tool as a new YouTuber literally I got a result on my first video and I will shock by it. So use it and rank your videos on the top and make money.

AI Title generator:


Write your keyword here and this tool will generate Title for your video that will catch your viewer’s attention and you will get maximum views.

Topic Explorer:


This tool is the same as question Explorer here you will find content ideas about YouTube,  so what you are waiting for Start now and become successful.

Find Channels:


Through this tool, you will find YouTube channels for collaboration, Target, and Compete. This tool is as amazing as others use this free and enjoy.

3. Artificial Intelligence:

AI writer:


This tool is very expensive on other websites for its functionality but here it is free. This tool helps you to generate content about any topic and save your time from writing blog posts.

Outline Generator:


Through this tool, you will get an outline of articles and it makes it easy for you to write the best articles and rank on top of Google.

AI Paragraph Translator:


As the name says, translator. here you can change your text into 7,8 languages. it means if you don’t how to write English then write in your own language and then translate it into English. I know many peoples who are doing this and running a successful business.

4. Email:

Email checker:


Through this tool, you can check emails that these emails are valid and deliverable because we sent emails and they ask us that these emails are not found and we lost a ratio so it’s better to use this tool and verify emails first.

Bulk Email validation:


Here you can add a number of emails to check at one time. paste your all emails and they will tell you which email is valid and which is not so clean your email list daily and get a good conversion rate.

Email TXT Extraction tool:

H-SupertoolsFrom this, you can extract emails from anywhere you want. for example, if you write digital marketing on Google and all the results come just copy it and paste it on this tool and it will come up with only emails and remove the content. it’s the best extraction tool I have ever used.

Warmup schedule Generator:


It is used to warm up email and this tool also generates a schedule to tell you which is the best time and day to send emails because most of the time emails go to spam and your time and emails are wasted.

5. Text:

Article rewriter:


This tool is very helpful and amazing to rewrite articles with good grammar and plagiarism free try this tool I hope you will enjoy it.

6: Discover:

High CPC Keywords:


If you are well known with google AdSense and google ads then you know what is high CPC Keywords. always remember if you want to make more money with Google AdSense then try to write articles on High CPC keywords and if you want to run a google campaign then always choose low CPC keywords. In this tool, you will all the High CPC keywords to work on. Write articles on it and make more money.



This tool helps you to find influencers in any Field you want. just write a keyword and they will give you a list of people who are professionals in that field. try to match up with them or check what they are doing and copy their strategies to grow your business.

Instagram Hashtags:


As we all know that when we post a  pic or story or something on Instagram we use hashtags in the description to reach more people. this tool generates the best hashtags for you and you will add them on Instagram to grow. always remember that 5 hashtags are enough because when you add a lot of hashtags it will consider spam.

Affiliate programs:


This tool is very amazing and I like it a lot. this tool will give you a list of affiliate programs that are best for beginners and professionals to join. If you want to join affiliate programs and you don’t know which just go to this tool and join what you love.

7. Webtools:

Favicon Generator:


This tool will generate a favicon for your website. As you can see at top of my website “Z” with different colors. It is a favicon and it will give extra beauty and professionalism to your website. If you don’t have a favicon add it now.

Password Generator:


As the name tells password generator. You can generate strong passwords from this tool and use it where ever you want.

Privacy policy page:


As we all know privacy policy page is very important to get AdSense approval so you can generate your privacy policy page from here.

Terms and conditions:


This page is also important as a privacy policy for getting google AdSense approval so from here you can generate it.

Overall, the Conclusion is this tool is awesome for SEO and digital marketing. Use this tool and grow your business.

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