gmass : Convert your Gmail account into Email Marketing service

Convert your Gmail account into Email Marketing service

What is gmass?

gmass is an email marketing and automation tool and you can also convert your Gmail account into an email marketing service by using the gmass chrome extension and easily send emails without paying a single penny. 

gmass extension:

As we all know chrome web store gives us amazing extensions that we use daily and make our work easy. gmass extension is also one of them.

Go to Chrome web store and add gmass to your browser.

gmass pricing

After adding open your email account to which you want to connect. when you are opening your account this popup will appear.


Signup with google and check out everything they say and you land upon this message.


After that, they will suggest you send a checking email just send it like that.



After that, all set up now you are open to sending email campaigns through your Gmail account for free but keep in mind you have to warm up your system first by sending 20 emails for 1,2 day and after that, they will allow you to send 400 emails per day. that’s awesome?

gmass email verifier:

gmass email verifier is a free, simple, and quick gmass service that lets people verify email lists and eliminate the impact while going to deliver.

We all know that email plays an important role in business growth and has a positive impact on clients when delivered, so it is essential for every email marketer to verify his list from the gmass Gmail email verifier before proceeding with his work.

Click here to Verify Emails.

gmass free limit:

gmass free limit is to send 50 emails per 24 hours and get a high engagement rate. gmass chrome extension for sending an email campaign is free but whole gmass services are not free. Read full and you will know all the gmass amazing features.

gmass also has a lot of features to send your campaign successfully and at a high open rate.

gmass Includes:

  • Features.
  • Products.
  • Uses.

gmass Features:

1. Breaking the Gmail’s limit:

This option allows you to send a larger amount of emails than Gmail allows.

2. Google sheets talks:

Auto sending of emails to new rows without creating any problem.

3. Analytics of campaigns:

As the word analytics defines statistics of clicks, impressions, opens, etc.

4. Personalization feature:

Personalize the scale with email merges and logic.

5. Automatically Follow-up emails:

Send automatic emails so the response rate should be high.

6. Schedule of gmass email and merges:

Schedule your emails and it’s repeating period in your own way.

7. Segmented type campaigns:

Send new emails to the segmented campaign.

8. Good reply Management:

Reply so fast with inbox clutter so your clients should be happy.

9. Management of Unsubscribe:

By using this option you can auto unsubscribe someone and it has also access to all of your team.

10. Management of Bounce:

Check bounce rate so be careful next time and don’t send to invalid email addresses.

11. Build an Email list:

An email list is very important in online business and this feature helps you to create a new email list by searching your Gmail account.

12. AB Testing Service:

AB testing means sending campaigns to people and checking which one performs better and generates more sales so use that campaign in the future.

13. Integration of SMTP:

Use third-party SMMTP to pass the Gmail sending limit and send unlimited emails.

14. Emails transactional:

Send better email confirmations with your Gmail account.

15. Verification of Emails:

Check each and every email whether it is valid, invalid, spam, or false email, and grow your business in the right way.

16. Amazing Templates:

Templates are very important in click rates because when they attract peoples they click and buy something.

gmass Product:

1. Inbox, promotions, or spam:

Check out where your email campaigns are landing in clients’ emails whether in inbox, promotions, or spam.

2. Emails verifier:

Verify your email list before sending it to your clients because it can affect your business.

3. Testing of emails:

Test emails for blacklisting, DMARC, SPF, and DKIM so your campaign goes in the right way.

4. SMTP tester:

Test your SMTP service connection because it is the best way to connect with clients.

5. Statistics of the domain:

Check out the bounce and open rate of the domain.

6. Checking of links:

Check out links before sending if it’s good or bad for clients.

7. Portal of deliverability:

Search out cold email marketing campaigns and stats for better growth.

8. Email Warmup free:

Improve the sending limits and send maximum emails.

9. SMTP service:

Use Google SMTP service because it is top of all the others.

10. Tracker Blocker:

Improve Open tracking with a chrome extension.

gmass Uses:

1. Outreach of Cold Emails:

Drive more and more sales with cold emailing.

2. Building of Links:

Build your backlinks and boost your website and business.

3. Membership:

Keep your members updated and tell them the best discounts.

4. Better Recruit:

Accept and reject very quickly and get better results.

5. Press release:

Manage all about media and its coverage.

6. Political campaigns:

Get updated about political campaigns and do everything on time.

7. Invitation to Wedding:

Announcement of weddings to your friends and relatives in a different and best way.

8. Emails HOA:

Keep your residents informed about everything you want.

9. Communications of teachers:

Informed your students about assignments, quizzes, and paper updates.

10. Sports:

Announce about matches and everything related to sports.

11. Beats makers:

Make beats and sell them anywhere you want.

gmass Tour:

gmass is very amazing service and they give you a full tour of their service and tell you in detail what you are using and how it will benefit you.

Click here for Tour.

gmass Blog:

As we all know all big services have blogs where they share information about their product and services and tell you how you can manage and get the best results.

Click here to check the Blog.

gmass Pricing:

gmass has very solid and cheap pricing. They take care of their clients and give the best service.
gmass pricing has both monthly and yearly plans and both are good. I will tell you both but it’s your choice which to choose.

gmass Pricing Monthly Plan: 

gmass pricing

gmass Pricing Annual Plan: 

gmass pricing

gmass FAQ:

FAQ means all the questions usually clients ask when they are going to buy the service.

If you want to read gmass Faq Click here.

gmass Login:

gmass login means to enter the gmass dashboard and get access to all the services but for this, you have to buy this service.

But If you have an account already or want to make Click here.


The conclusion is simple, use the chrome extension of gmass and generate more and more sales and grow your business through email marketing. If you want to be more professional buy gmass services and start your business in a new way.

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