8 Best Freelancing Websites For Beginners In 2022 (updated 2024)

8 Best Freelancing Websites For Beginners In 2022 (updated 2024)

Freelancing is one of today’s most popular words. Freelancing essentially means learning a skill and offering that skill as a gig, and then when someone asks you for work, you do it and get paid.

People in COVID-19 lose their jobs and then decide to learn freelancing to earn money from home. Because technology is advancing at a rapid pace, new skills emerge and people learn them in order to earn more money.

In today’s world, skills are more important than degrees because employers check whether a candidate knows how to work or simply has a degree.

Freelancing is done on various platforms, so I decided to compile a list of the top eight best freelancing websites to make things easier for you.

1. Upwork.com. 

2. Guru.com.

3. Toptal.com. 

4. Freelancer.com. 

5. Fiverr.com. 

6. Peopleperhour.com. 

7. Truelancer.com. 

8. Workchest.com 

Let’s talk about these Freelancing Websites in detail. 

1. Upwork: 

In my opinion, the best freelancing platform is Upwork. Every type of work is available on this platform, and all you have to do is make a proposal and send it to the owner. If he likes you, he will order you, and you will be paid after you submit your work.

Upwork generates an annual revenue of $502.8 million on average.

Upwork is very popular all over the world, and it will provide you with a long career on the platform. All you have to do is make a good proposal and don’t give up.

2. Guru: 

Guru.com ranks second on my list of freelancing platforms. Guru is similar to Upwork in that you can get a lot of orders from it.

Guru.com’s annual revenue is $374.6 million on average.

3. Toptal: 

Toptal ranks third on my list of freelancing platforms. It is a freelancing platform based in the United States where people can find work and get paid when it is completed.

Toptal has an annual revenue of more than $200 million.

4. Freelancer: 

Freelancer ranks fourth on my list of freelancing platforms. Because Freelancer is a well-known platform, it does not necessitate extensive verification. Joining this platform is also an excellent way to begin your freelance career.

The average annual revenue of Freelancer is $43 million.

5. Fiverr: 

Fiverr ranks fifth on my list of freelancing platforms. Fiverr is the most popular and widely used freelancing platform in the world, but I still give him the fifth spot because they have two methods, proposal and gig. I didn’t like how they changed their policies and other things. However, it is a great place to start freelancing.

Fiverr’s annual revenue is approximately $200 million.

6. Peopleperhour: 

Peopleperhour ranks sixth on my list of freelancing platforms. Peopleperhour is also a great place to start your career. They have excellent features and a welcoming environment.

Peopleperhour generates an annual revenue of $5 million on average.

7. Truelancer: 

Truelancer ranks seventh on my list of freelancing platforms. It is also a good platform with a wide range of work available. You can also use this to get orders. I believe in taking orders for wherever they come and getting paid once they are completed.

Truelancer generates an annual revenue of $50 million on average.

8. Workchest:  

Workchest ranks eighth on my list of freelancing platforms. Workchest is the first Pakistani platform that has received widespread acclaim. Workchest is owned by “Hisham Sarwar.” He is Pakistan’s freelancing guru.

I recommend that you join this platform because it is new and has a lot of projects available.

Workchest’s annual revenue is on average of ( It is a new platform so there is still no average revenue numbers still known). 

These are the 8 best Freelancing Websites for beginners in 2022

Now let’s talk about Some of the most In-demand skills of 2022. 

1. Project Management: 

Project Management is one of the most in demand skill of 2022. It is not a difficult skill to learn,you just need to manage work and satisfy your client.

2. Web development: 

Web development is always in demand skill because apps, website make on daily bases and technology is advancing day by day. Learn this skill is a huge boost in your freelance career.

3. Excel management: 

Learning Microsoft Excel is a is good way to earn projects. In today’s world everyone want a good management in their work so excel work is very high in demand.

4. Programming: 

There are many languages in programming like C++, oop, Python and many more. I suggest you to be expert in one language at least. People don’t learn this skill because it is not an easy thing but if you learn this skill you have a long career of freelancing.

5. Facebook ads: 

Facebook ads is a very high potential skill with a lot of work. People want to grow their business worldwide so they need a good Facebook ads expert. learn this skill and grab your work.

6. Copywriting: 

Copywriting is one of the easiest and high rated skill on internet. My advice is to learn this skill because it is good skill to frelance or work for yourself.

7. Photoshop: 

Photoshop is a very well known skill that everybody know. most of the people already know simple Photoshop and it takes one week to learn it.

8. UX Design: 

UX Design is also a very amazing skill to learn. Take time and learn it In 2 weeks and then offer it. Learning this skill gives you a lot of orders.

9. SEO: 

Search Engine Optimization is a very popular skill around the world. I personally Learn this skill And get a lot of benefit.

I hope you Get a valuable information from this blogspot.


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