Pakistan Freelancing training program pftp

Pakistan Freelancing training program pftp

Pakistan is one of the rising countries in the world to earn online. many people in Pakistan already earn from different types of online work. when the Pakistan government realizes that people want to earn money and want to become their own boss. Pakistan needs people that can boost the country’s economy. so, it’s an excellent way to think about the future because intelligent people always think of the future not about Saturday night.

Pakistan Freelancing Training Program pftp

The Pakistan government launches a program called “Pakistan freelancing training program” to empower the youth and everyone in the country. They provide many programs to learn and earn through the internet. Many people are saying that this program is free but it is not true because it is free for some people not for all and 
you have to pay Rs. 2500 to learn but it is not bad to learn a lifetime skill in just Rs. 2500.

They provide their programs in almost 18 cities all around the country. They have 20 centers and 20,000+ trainees. I think it’s the best opportunity for everyone to learn and become successful.

Table of Contents

Courses Offered by Pakistan freelancing training program Pftp:

Pakistan Freelancing training program pftp

Graphic Designing:

1. Adobe photoshop.
2. Adobe photoshop.
3. Cooperative identity.
4. Logo design.
5. In design.

and many more about Graphic designing.

Content Marketing Work:

 Onpage SEO.
 Digital Marketing.
 Social Media Marketing.
 Content writing.
 Lead generation.
 Offpage SEO.

and many more about Content marketing.

Website development:

1. WordPress.
2. HTML.
3. CSS.
4. PHP.
5. My SQL.

and many more about website development.

Eligibility Criteria:

Inter/FSC Qualification is required. 

A Valid Domicile Required.

If you don’t have a domicile then CNIC is a must.

The age limit is very interesting, 18 to 40 years.

The course will be completed in 03 months.

This is one of the best initiatives of the Pakistan Government because it will benefit Pakistan in near future. We need more of these types of programs for our youth.

Pakistan Freelancing Training program login:

I saw many people saying that we know Pakistan freelancing training program teaches many courses about online earning but we don’t know how we join it, actually, people are very lazy and they don’t want to research and think someone come to their house and tells them but the reality is you have to work hard if you want to succeed in the internet field. But the friend I still make it easier for you to join Pakistan freelancing training program pftp, just click on the link below and join them.

Click here to join the Pakistan Freelancing training program pftp.

National Freelance Training Program last date:

Registration is open every time and you can register yourself. After registration, they will give you the date and time when the course will be started. There is no exact date to start.

People think this is the only type of program to learn skills but I will tell you more programs that are also free.


Freelancing courses in Pakistan are free:

Freelancing courses in Pakistan free

Digiskills is one of the platforms that collaborate with the government and give you free online courses and also give you assignments so make sure that you will go on the right path.

Free courses they offer:

1. Freelancing.
2. Graphic designing.
3. WordPress.
4. Quickbooks.
5. E-Commerce.
6. Creative writing.
7. SEO.
8. AutoCad.
9. Digital Literacy.
10. Digital Marketing.
I also share a link below to  join Digi skills and learn valuable skills and start earning money

Click here to join Digiskills.

Youtube Channels:

Youtube channels are also a very good way to learn skills. These youtube channels give you full detail and teach everything even live. so your job is to find these types of channels and start learning. I am telling you some of the best channels to learn skills. “Hisham Sarwar”, “H-Educate”, “Web beast”, “Online business”, “MR VYAS”, “Hrishikesh Roy”, “Extreme Commerce”, “Digiskills”, and  “GFXMentor”. I also learn many skills even blogging and now look at me I am here. so, you have a work hard and learn skills and become a master and then implement on either on your own business or as a freelancer.


Overall, Pakistan’s freelancing training program pftp is one of the best training programs in the world and I suggest you join and learn skills and make money. If you are thinking that you will learn a skill in 1,2 day and on the third day you start earning money then that is impossible, everything takes time and here we are talking about real online business that will go with your lifetime and benefit you forever. sp friends are patient and start learning skills and focusing o your work so you come up with the best in your field. Hope you understand what I tell you in this article and if you have any queries let me know in the comment box.









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