How To Make Money Without Writing Content

How To Make Money Without Writing Content

In this blog post, I will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make money without writing content.

Making money from the internet is not new and not shocking because people are earning millions from the internet.

The method from which you can make money without writing content is a tool website and SAAS business. Don’t Worry you don’t need to be a programmer to build a tool website and SAAS Business.

For the Tool website:

We monetize our tool website with Google AdSense and make money. Some people might think that if we don’t get approved by Google AdSense. Don’t Worry Tool website always gets Google AdSense Approval because it doesn’t have content.

For SAAS business:

SAAS means the software as a service. We are known for many SAAS businesses like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. We also make a SAAS website that gives monthly subscriptions to its client and in exchange earn money.

But the question arises,

How do I make a tool website and a SAAS Website?

Do you know about Codecanyon?

Codecanyon is a website that provides you PHP scripts for tool websites and SAAS Businesses at cheaper rates and when you apply Script to your website is ready. 

Look how it’s very simple.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Buy Codecanyon Script for Tool Website and SAAS?

 Go to Codecanyon.

Codecanyon scripts
After that go to PHP Scripts:
Codecanyon scripts
and then write on the search bar what type of scrip you need as I write “SEO“.
Codecanyon scripts
As you can see there are many amazing scripts waiting for you to buy. Keep in mind that always buy a 5-star rating or 4.5-star rating script because these are used by other people and you can trust it without any hesitation.
Codecanyon scripts
For buying just click on the script as I click on the first one “Seo studios”.
Codecanyon scripts
You don’t need to extend support to 12 months because there are tons of videos on the internet about these scripts and you can easily manage everything.

Now Click on “Add to Cart”.

Codecanyon scripts
As you can see License is regular and the support is for 6 months.

Click on ” Got to Checkout” and proceed.

Codecanyon scripts
Now it’s time for Payment.

Payment Method for Codecanyon:

There are many methods of payment for Codecanyon.

Paypal obviously comes first in every platform but if you don’t have Paypal in your country then the bank method is also available in Codecanyon so do not worry about anything just select the script and buy and start your online business now.

SAAS Scripts:

SAAS Scripts is also available on Codecanyon but you have to check manually which is the best SAAS as I found here:

Codecanyon scripts

As you can see clearly written that this script is built for SAAS Business and the method for buying SAAS scripts is the same as tool script buying.
There are also many other types of scripts available go and check yourself and find out which is work well for you. 


Overall, Codecanyon is an amazing website for everyone because it gives scripts that are not easy to write and it also saves money because when we need these types of scripts we hire a programmer and the programmer charges us a high cost but here in Codecanyon we gt amazing scripts in just $20 to $50.

I hope you get valuable information from this blog post.
If you have any queries let me know in the comment box.




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