How To Make $100 Per Day Passively (2024)

How To Make $100 Per Day Passively

In this article, I’ll show you how to earn $100 per day passively. I know there are numerous ways to earn more than $100 per day, but I will show you how to consistently earn $100 per day while sleeping.

We all want to make money online while staying at home, but it takes time and effort to build an online business.

Change your life by following this article.

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How To Make $100 Per day:

Firstly, It is important to know what is Passive income?

What is Passive Income Mean? 

Passive income mean is money earned while you are not working.

For Example, suppose you started a blog website, then wrote some good articles, and then joined Google AdSense or another ad platform. They pay you for ad impressions and clicks. Consider this: you work hard to join an ad platform, but after that, you don’t need to work as hard because you can write one or two articles per week and earn money while sleeping because people came to your website and saw ads. 

I hope you understand What is passive income mean.

Step-by-step Method:

5 Ways To Make $100 Per day. 

1. Display Ads: 

One of the best and common way to make money online passively is to display ads on website. 

Best Ads Networks are: 

1. Google Adsense. 

2. Ezoic. 

These 2 ads networks are the best and I suggest you to join them because they have a high earning criteria. 

According to Google Three types of websites earn most from Google Adsense. 

1. Content Website. 

2. Tool website. 

3. Forum Website. 

If you are a beginner start with content Website and build some trust on people because tool website and forum Website take more time to success. 

After making a website, start display google ads and start earning money. 

Here’s the way to display ads: 

1. Create an account on ad platform. 

2. Add your website. 

3. copy the code provided by ad network. 

4. Place the code in your Website header or footer. 

After doing it they review your website and if your website fulfill their easy requirements you wull good to display ads. 

Here are some pro-tips for you: 

1. Make content on High CPC Keywords because they generate maximum income. 

2. For tool website, Use different script on one domain because it is easy to approve and get traffic. 

2. Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular and Beneficial way to earn money online passively. 

Affiliate Marketing means you promote Other people service or product and when someone buys it you get a commission. 

Picking up a good product Is very important in affiliate marketing.  Always choose product or service according to your niche because it is easy to promote it. 

Some of the best Affiliate programs that I used are listed below: 

1. CJ (Commission Junction). 

2. Shareasale. 

3. Bluehost. 

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need your service or product. By selling other people product or service you can easily make $100 passively. 

3. Selling Services: 

Selling Services means Doing Freelancing. Freelancing is very popular word around the world and everyone hear it at least one time. Freelancing come in Actively income but if you Sharp your mind and think broader you can make freelancing into passively income. 

Think about it, people trust you and give you orders but you don’t have much time to do many orders. Give these orders to other people and give them 50% of income and that’s how you can make freelancing as a passive income resource. 

4. Digital Product Selling: 

Selling digital Products means selling e-books, courses, membership and so on. Anything that electronically deliverable is digital Product. 

For selling digital products you nust have to create awareness and trust to people because when someone trust, they buy , it is simple as that. 

For Making E-Books and courses Canva platform is best. 

5. Sponsored Posts: 

Sponsored posts means marketing. As we all know that marketing is one the best way to promote. For sponsored posts you must have a large audience to promote. 

Companies contact you and ask you for sponsored posts because you have audience. 

I know one of my friend who make $3000 for one video on YouTube. You see how much Beneficial this is. 

Main point is Audience and it takes some time to build. Audience means making money. 


Overall, These are the best 5 methods to earn passive income. Apply these staratagies and grow your business. Everyone likes Passive income but some people has the courage to work hard and build a strong business online. 

I hope you like this small article. 

Any querie, contact me. We will solved out your problem.

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