How To Learn Google Ads For Free (Best Way)

How To Learn Google Ads For Free

Google Ads is one of the best way to promote your business and Expend it all over the world. Thousands of people daily run google ads and and get a lot of convertions and build Business. 

There are many ways to Learn google ads But I will tell you free Methods and also tell you specific place where you directly learn google ads from experts and you don’t need to find Anywhere.  

The Best Way to Learn Google Ads is From YouTube. Don’t Worry I am not asking you to find videos and learn rather I will tell you YouTube channels that are best In google ads and Give you all the authentic Information About Google Ads. 

Let’s start, and learn google ads for free.

In This Blog post, I will share below 3 YouTube channels from where you learn.

How To Learn Google Ads For Free: 

1. Loves Data. 

2. H-Educate. 

3. Surfside PPC

These 3 YouTube channels are the best source of knowledge around the internet. 

Let’s Talk about in detail How to learn Google Ads For free from these YouTube Channels. 

1. Loves Data:  

How To Learn Google Ads For Free

Loves data is a very powerful YouTube channel with respect to Knowledge. Many people learn alot of skills from here and now they are earning handsome amount of Penny. 

Loves Data has 31 videos Playlist on Google Ads Tutorial. I advise you to learn Google Ads because this skill is the champion of 10 years or more. 

You can Check Google Ads Playlist From Here

Loves data also make a full playlist on these Trending topics: 

1. Google Analytics.

2. Google Tag Manager. 

3. Google Data Studio. 

These Skills are also very high in demand So try to learn everything because in today’s world you can only survive when you have skills. 

2. H-Educate: 

How To Learn Google Ads For Free

H-Educate YouTube channel is very close to My heart because I learn a lot from here. “Hasan Aboul Hasan” is the founder of H-Educate and he is a very honest man and he never tell you anything that includes something wrong. 

H-Educate is basically a Digital Marketing and Online Business Related Channel. 

You can access Google Ads Tutorial of H-Educate from here

H-Educate also has many important playlist From which you can learn and earn. I list below all the topics H-Educate covers so you will easily understand. 

1. Web 3.0.

2. Build Online Business Series.

3. Learn Skills Fast. 

4. Cryptocurrency Series for beginners.

5. Instagram Marketing tutorial. 

6. Email Marketing Course for beginners. 

7. Get Traffic to your Website. 

8. Seo course. 

9. Freelancing Series.

10. Affiliate marketing series and many more. 

Now you understand How valuable these YouTube channels for you to grow and earn money Online.  

3. Surfside PPC:

How To Learn Google Ads For Free

Surfside PPC is an amazing YouTube Channel that will shock you when you see how Much they cover topics in their videos. 

Because you came here for Google ads so you can access Surfside PPC Google ads tutorial from here

Because Surfside is expand to many topics so I will some topics so you can get udea how much this channel is source of knowledge. They covers topics like: 

1. Video Advertising. 

2. Landing Pages. 

3. Website Building. 

4. Website Traffic.

5. Social media marketing tutorial. 

6. Shopify tutorial. 

7. LinkedIn ads and many more.

Check out all 3 channels and get valuable information from them and grow.  


I will go in depth and tell you About Google Ads that I experience. 

We all know that google ads is a very powerful feature of google that is benfiting millions of daily But it is also important to know that if you don’t know how to run campaigns on google ads then it will become very costly for you. So My advice is to not run any campaign before learning but if you want to test google ads then run a short campaign of $5 so it will not harm you. 

I hope You understand and get valuable information from this blog post. 


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