How To Install WordPress On VPS Server Hosting In 3 Minutes

How To Install WordPress On VPS Server Hosting In 3 Minutes

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to install WordPress on a VPS server in three minutes.

Installing WordPress is simple, but installing WordPress on a VPS server is more complicated, and you must understand it.

Table of Contents

Let’s start Installing WordPress,
Step-by-step Guide: 

step #1: Best VPS Server: 

First and foremost, you must select a good VPS Service for your website.

Tips To Choose Best VPS Hosting Service: 

1. Compare various service providers and select the most affordable one. 

2. VPS service with excellent support. 

3. Reviews of other Users on VPS hosting Services. 

I recommend you use Linux-based and Plesk server data. It’s the cheapest one. 

I choose Contabo for installing WordPress on VPS Server. 

Let’s start with the following:  

Choose Cloud VPS for $8.49/month. They have enough things to start a good website. ( 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 32 TB Traffic and 50 GB NVMe).

Now Configure Contabo VPS: 

1. Term Length. 

2. Choosing Region (It depends on Traffic). 

3. Storage Type (200 GB). 

4. Choose (Linux+Plesk). 

You also set this according to your need. I choose what most people need.
After choosing, click next and make payment to get all the information about VPS Server in your email. 

Step #2 Attach Domain Name To VPS IP Address:

Now Attach the domain name to the VPS IP address because your website should be called from the domain name rather than IP Address.
For Attaching Domain Name, go to Domain Name Registrar, then DNS Record, change A records, and Save. 

Now it will point to Domain Name✅. 

Step #3 Installing WordPress On VPS Server: 

Now, it’s time to install WordPress on VPS Server. It’s not a difficult process just go to your Gmail and open the email that sends to you by Contabo. 


1. Copy the Plesk login Url (In 1st Image).

2. Enter your details and login into your Plesk account (In 2nd Image). 

3. Add Domain Name by clicking on Websites and Domain (In 3rd Image). 

4. Now Click on Install WordPress. 

5. Username and Password. 

1st Image
2nd Image
3rd Image
4th Image
5th Image

That’s it, you just Installed WordPress on Contabo VPS.✅ 

Step #4 SSL Certificate: 

Setting up an SSL Certificate is very essential for a website because it can save your website from hackers and also build trust with your users.
Let’s start setting up the SSL certificate,
Go to Let’s Script, and generate an SSL certificate.

1. Go To the Website and Domain.
2. Click on SSL certificate.
3. Click on Add certificate.
4. Select “let’s Encrypt.
5. Now Tap on “Get it free”. 

That’s it, You just installed an SSL certificate. 

Now, Your Website is fully functional and you installed WordPress on VPS Server.


overall, Building a website on VPS Server is the best investment for the future. I use Contabo but you can use others if you think they are cheap and have good features.
I hope you like this Small blog post.


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