How To Get First Order On Upwork (Full Guide 2024)

How To Get First Order On Upwork (Full Guide 2024)
How to get first order on upwork

In this article, I will tell you about what is Upwork. how to get your first order on Upwork and also my own best tips on how I get my first order, I give you the content that you have to write on the proposal. I bet you, you had never heard this before because people in the field don’t tell you because then there is competition exist but don’t worry I will tell and when you apply these tricks you will become successful INSHAA ALLAH.

Now let’s get started.

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What is Upwork?

Upwork is a freelancing platform where people post work and the people who know how to do it give them proposals to complete their work and take money from them. I personally use Upwork and I think Upwork is the best Freelancing platform because this platform meets with the right people and no there is no faking in this platform and the people on this platform give you a handsome amount of money.

How to get the first order on Upwork?

Now comes the main topic how to get the first order on Upwork?

Most people think it is the hardest part to get the first order on Upwork but I think it is the easiest part to get the first order. First, you have to open your Upwork account and make it look professional because it is very important to get your first order.

you hear this quote.

The first impression is the last impression.

Be consistent and work hard that’s what I am saying to you. Now after making your account professional jump to the second step.

Find the work according to your gig and please submit a proposal for that work, you know how to do that or otherwise don’t submit because if they give you work and you don’t complete it in a given time your account is badly affected by their review so I say again don’t do this. when you find the work click on the proposal and start writing your proposal, what do you have to write? I tell you here. Copy the steps I write a proposal about graphic designing but you can change it according to your gig.

how to get first order on upwork

1. Greetings:

Hi there,

2. Restarting clients’ projects:

I have gone through your project. I understand you are looking to create a logo for First Tech. I also understand subtitle needs to be computers.

3. Your introduction:

I am a graphic designer who takes a lot of pride in aesthetic work. I dream, live, and sleep designing. As a creative artist who loves using colors and shapes. I have been offering my design services to various clients all over the world on social media. I am new here but by no means new in my field.

4. Free mockup:

I have an idea about your logo. How about I show you a FREE mockup for your logo design? If you do not like my work, you can reject it without paying a single penny.

6. Question:

For our logo of the First tech, do you have any preferred look and feel or color design in mind?

7. Closing:

I look forward to your positive response.

Thank you.

Muhammad Zain ul Abideen.

That’s it, just you have to do this, it looks amazing now. Work daily on Upwork and try to get orders and be 100% sure you will get the order.

Trending services on Upwork:

I am going to tell you the best trending services on Upwork in 2021.

1. Web development.

2. Graphic designing.

3. Software development.

4. SEO.

5. Video editing.

Detail about trending services on Upwork.

How to Rank Fiverr Gig On First Page in 2021:

I am also going to tell you here some best tips about Fiverr.

1. Made An Attractive Fiverr account.

2. Target Keyword.

3. Always Online.

4. Video Gig.

5. Thumbnail gig.

6. Importance of Tags.

7. Portfolio.

8. On-page SEO.

9. Promote your Gig.

These are the best methods to rank your gig on the first page. Now I think you all know how to get the first order on Upwork, by applying this method you can get 100% orders and make money.

How long does it take to get your first job on Upwork?

I saw people saying that freelancing becomes difficult nowadays in 2022 but it is not true, you can start your freelancing career easily by applying golden ways of getting orders as I tell you above. If you have a good grip on your skills then you can easily get your first order in 1,2 days after sending a proposal, proposal is very very important in the Upwork freelance market. Once you get orders then it becomes fun to get a new order, the beginning is always the hardest.

How to buy connects on Upwork:

As you know we need connections to send proposals and get orders, buying connections is very easy, you can buy connections with your earnings or from another amount.

You have to go to setting then membership and connects then select your bundle and then add the connect.

Look how simple it is to buy connect and continue your freelancing journey, freelancing empowers you to become what you want and helps you to fulfill your dream.

How to get clients on Upwork with no experience?

Experience is very important in getting orders on Upwork but there is always a way to do anything. Upwork is the best platform to get bigger projects but as a beginner starting getting orders from social media is a good option turn those clients into an Upwork profile and make your profile. It will help you a lot. You have to be patient and work hard in a Freelancing career once it starts it will never stop and you earn a lot from growing your business.


Overall, the outcome is to learn a skill and become a master of it and then go to freelance marketplaces, because if you don’t have skills and jump on marketplaces then you will 100% fail and you quit, most people do this. Skills are the first thing to start freelancing, people saw your work, not your word, be professional and make a good portfolio of your work and send them with your proposal; so they think you are not new and you’re professional in your work. I hope you get what you are looking for and I also hope that you will be successful in your freelancing journey and become independent in life and make your parents proud.

Thank you❤



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