How To Do Keyword Research For Blog Posts And Rank On Top Of Google

How To Do Keyword Research For Blog Posts And Rank On Top Of Google

Keyword research is one of the hottest topics these days because people want to learn and level up their skills, but most of the good tools are paid and costly for beginners, so I decided to write this article in which I will use two free keyword research tools and teach you about keyword research.

I also show you proof of articles I rank on Google using these free keyword research tools, so don’t be concerned if you’re wondering if it’s worth it.

Firstly let’s see the proof:

I’ll show you proof of three keywords that rank first on Google using these two free keyword research tools.

1. How To Get First Order On Upwork.

Keyword Research For Blog Posts

2. Debounce Affiliate Program.

Keyword Research For Blog Posts

3. Hsupertools.

Keyword Research For Blog Posts

You may also double-check by typing these terms into Google and believing that these tools are genuine.
Let’s get started on the major task by focusing on these two tools and learning keyword research.

1. Hsupertools:

To be honest, Hsupertools is the finest digital marketing tool website on the internet, and the best part is that it is completely free.

For Keyword Research just Go to Hsupertools Free Keyword Research Tool;

Keyword Research For Blog Posts

Then write any keyword just like I write ” Freelancing tips”.

Keyword Research For Blog Posts

As you can see this tool gives me statistics about this keyword.

Remember always to choose Low Competition and high monthly search volume keywords. As Freelancing tips is good for writing an article because they will easily rank and never chose medium or high competition keyword because it will never work for you.

This term also provides related keyword search statistics for you to study and pick what works best for you.

Keyword Research For Blog Posts


These keywords are related to ‘freelancing tips” and if these work for you then choose them. 

The main thing is that always choose good search volume and low competition keywords and I also rank many articles by using this strategy. Hope you got the point.

Now it’s time for 2nd tool.

2. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is a very popular keyword research tool worldwide but people don’t know that their free keyword generator is awesome for keyword research.

Go to Ahrefs Free Keyword generator:

Keyword Research For Blog Posts

Write the same keyword here “freelancing tips” and search.

Keyword Research For Blog Posts

As you can the color is green on “freelancing tips” so this keyword is perfect for writing an article and ranking on google, but,

Keyword Research For Blog Posts

Never choose red, orange, or yellow because they are hard to rank, always choose the green color and write a good 1000+ words article and publish and I will guarantee you your post will rank in good ranks in google and give you good traffic.

Hope you will get valuable Information from this blog post.

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