How to create an nft and make money

How to create an nft and make money

Nft is very famous nowadays around the world and people are making a lot of money from it and everyone wants to know what is nft and how we can make and sell nfts. I will tell you all the details related to nft and clear all your questions.

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What is an nft?

nft stand for non-fungible token. It means that are unique and you made it and there is no copy of it. nft means anything like images, audio, videos, paintings, or anything you. 

For example, money is not unique because it can split from $100 to $20, $10. If the thing is unique and can not split then it is nft, simple as that. nft is in digital form.

How to create an nft:

If you want anything to buy there is a marketplace from where you can get that thing, same as that there are also marketplaces from where you can buy and sell nft.

The platforms are,, and mintable. app. All the platforms are the same from a working perspective.

Let me tell you how things work on 1 platform and the platform is


The opensea looks like this, here you can search or click on explore to choose any type of topic you want. 


By clicking on the pic you can buy that image in Ethereum currency, you can exchange your $ in Ethereum on the platform so it’s very easy to buy nfts.

But I know you wanted to know how we can create our own nft and sell it on these kinds of platforms.

Now the best way to create nfts is canva is the number 1 platform to make anything you want.

Let me show an example of nft, this image is nft because it is unique.


You can make anything you want by using anything canva. Now I think you understand how to create nft but how to sell?

same as you can buy the go-to platform and click on my collection and add your nft but they will charge you some money the first time to create an account. use to you google chrome, it is an extension to give you all stats about your money in Etherium form and in $ form and make it easier for you to sell and buy.

The best thing in nfts is that you can sell your image or anything at any price you want. people sell their images in millions and what you are waiting for, go and create your nft in canva and sell.

Now I will answer some questions that every beginner asks.

nft Pakistan:

Most people don’t know what is an nft and how we can make money from nfts. So in Pakistan, a growing country it is important for people to understand that they can easily sell the images or designs they make on adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop. If people want to make more money they wanted to start today and make their things and sell. Same way to create, sell and buy nfts as I told above.

nft price in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the currency is in rupees so you have to convert into $ and then make an account and they automatically convert into Ethereum.

nft Pakistan meme:

In Pakistan and India people are making a lot of means on everything and for someone, you can sell your meme on the platform but I would you can sell but why does anyone buy your meme at high prices it’s better to make good designs and things to sell.

nft legal in Pakistan?

Absolutely, Yes it is legal in Pakistan right now and you can earn money from it. the high chances are they never ban it in Pakistan and you can carry on your business in nft form.

nft Success stories:

I know a lot of people making a lot of money from nft and growing their business day by day. many famous footballers buy nft’s and paid a lot of pence. as we all know about Memphis depay he also buys one nft and makes it a Twitter profile pic and also heard the news about FC Barcelona who is making their own nft’s to do business so you will understand how big nowadays nft’s are.

An Indonesian boy sold his daily life pic for millions of dollars because he has an album of pics that click every day and people love to buy it because they want to research on it, how a person changes in2,3 years.


The conclusion is to create your amazing NFTs and start selling now and make a lot of money. 



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