Google Search Console Hacks (Case Study)

Google Search Console Hacks (Case Study)

In this blog post, I will tell you about the Google search console and its tricks and hacks. We all know that every blogger must have to submit their website on the Google search console because it is a protocol for Approval of Google AdSense.

Google search console also gives you a brief data of your website to check and improve your website for better.

Google Search Console Hacks

Most people don’t know about the hack that I will tell you here because this hack doesn’t require Seo and any other things.

This is my personal hack and It gave me a lot of success. so, I decided to share it with you and everyone should use it and rank their blog posts on top of Google.

if you are not interested in reading an article then watch this video:

Now let’s start:

In the performance section of the Google search console, there is a lot of data ( queries, pages, countries, devices, search appearance, dates). If we look at the pages section there are a lot of articles that are submitted and searched on google.

Google Search Console Hacks


The main things come here if we go to one page for example 

Google Search Console Hacks

Then go to the work chest queries section, these are the keywords that are ranked on this work chest page.

Google Search Console Hacks

Now if you look at queries there are a lot of keywords that I didn’t write in the article but they’re still ranked by Google.

as this keyword “Freelancing website in Pakistan” I didn’t write this keyword heading in a blog post but still it ranked.

Google Search Console Hacks

It means if we write a full article on this Keyword, it will easily rank. This is a hack nobody tells you about. please be focused. check your website and according to that write articles on your queries and rank on Google to get high traffic.

I always use this strategy and get a lot of traffic from it. If you don’t want to write articles then use this keyword heading in already article to boost your rank on Google.

Now let’s more talk about the Google search console.

Keep a good eye on your Google search console and make changes when needed.

The second hack is also important because it will give you authority and traffic. many people ask me how many blog posts we write.

If you have time then write one blog post daily and always write quality content. use pictures made on canva and always try to make a video as I did on this topic.

In recent days people said that our blog posts are not ranked on Google now read carefully I will give you a hack on that that will rank your blog post in 4 hours.

Write on youtube “how to submit website on google news”. watch a video and submit your website on Google news. It will take 2 weeks to approve and most of the websites approves so no worry.

When your website is approved, your blog post automatically ranks on Google in 4 hours as mine.

I hope you understand what I write in this blog post.

If you have any questions let me know in the comment section.

Let’s Talk more in-depth about Google Search Console.

Now I will tell you some points that you must on your website every week so your ranking blow in google search.

1. HTML Improvement:

It simply means you have a meta description, tags, and URL problems.

You can check these problems by going on Google Search Console->search appearance->HTML improvement.

2. Spammy Backlinks:

Avoid making backlinks to high-risk websites because it will lower your rank on google and sometimes your competitor uses this tactic and placed your backlink to spammy sites and lower your rank. so the best practice is to check your website’s backlinks and when you found risky remove them.

3. Mobile Usability:

As we all know that use of mobile phones is rapidly increasing and people work most of the time on mobiles. so, the point is your website should be mobile-friendly and the website speed must be fast so when a person comes he will not wait.

For best practices of mobile-friendly websites, use a mobile-friendly and fast-loading theme. there are a lot of websites that can check website speed and themes. first, check your theme and then apply. 

4. Crawl Errors:

Fix your errors as soon as possible on the google search console because it can affect your website badly and lower your ranking.

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