Constant Contact vs Convertkit: Which One is Better (2023)

Constant Contact vs Convertkit: Which One is Better (2023)

Without question, email marketing provides a considerable return on investment. But only if you do it correctly and with better tools. You’ve discovered your sweet spots after conducting the study. Yet you’re now torn between Constant Contact and Convertkit.

Which one should you choose? The final comparison of both of these email marketing service companies will assist you in making your decision. You’ll learn the distinctions between Convertkit and Constant Contact, price, and functionality.

Are you prepared for the ultimate clash between the two? Let’s get this party started right now.

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Constant Contact VS Convertkit: Major Differences:

First and foremost. The differences between Convertkit and Constant Contact should be evident from the outset of this comparison. Let’s get to work!

1. In general, ConvertKit is more costly than Constant Contact.

2. Constant Contact has more excellent email delivery rates than ConvertKit.

3. Constant Contact, unlike ConvertKit, does not provide pre-built landing page designs.

4. ConvertKit does not offer Live Chat assistance, although Constant Contact does.

5. ConvertKit has more email automation options than Constant Contact.

6. ConvertKit is aimed at bloggers, whereas Constant Contact is aimed at small company owners.

Therefore, if you want me to stop the crap and tell you my pick immediately, I’ll go with Convertkit. Why? It provides powerful email automation, attractive templates, and an easy-to-use user interface. And it caters to digital marketers like me more than ConstantContact.

But, Constant Contact is not inferior to Convertkit. Without a doubt, the former has several advantages. It all comes down to personal preference and ambitions. Still, perplexed? Don’t worry; I’ll go over each of these email marketing options individually today.

Constant Contact: Should You Go for It?

In comparison to Convertkit, ConstantContact provides a broader selection of marketing tools and solutions. These technologies can help SMEs and nonprofit organizations get new clients and strengthen connections.

Constant Contact can assist you.

1. In minutes, you can launch your email marketing campaign.

2. Interact with your consumers in real time.

3. Add items to your online store.

4. Get the word out about you.

5. Make an amazing website. seamlessly

6. Increase your sales using Google Adwords.

And a lot more. So it’s more than simply an email marketing solution; it’s a one-stop shop for all of your eCommerce and marketing needs. Constant Contact is far larger than Convertkit, which exclusively provides email marketing solutions. Let us now examine its aspects.

Constant Contact Features:

Let’s go over the Constant Contact features in-depth so you know exactly what you’re receiving.

Email Marketing: 

Constant Contact enables you to develop professional-looking email marketing campaigns. The email editor is intelligent enough to allow you to personalize and create your emails. The tools also make it responsive to nearly all devices on the planet.

With a welcome email, triggered email series, and contact segmentation, email marketing automation may help you boost sales. You may also resend emails to non-openers. Without a question, this may be a huge benefit.

E-commerce Tools:

Constant Contact assists you in acquiring new consumers and keeping them engaged while on the road. You can easily track, categorize, and automate your emails.

Social Media Marketing:

Continuous Contact refers to maintaining continual contact with your audience. As a result, the program assists you with both social media marketing and email marketing. You may use the program to post and schedule your social media posts. It also assists you in making analytics-based judgments.

Tracking Tools:

Constant Contact allows you to track your progress in real-time. You can also enhance them as needed. What exactly do I mean? You can see who is opening and distributing the email.

Event Management Tools:

Some email marketing systems lack features such as event management tools. Constant Contact, on the other hand, allows you to gain from email marketing for attendance, charity events, entertainment concerts, and other purposes. The Eventspot feature has a lot to offer in terms of event management.

Constant Contact Pricing:

When it comes to Constant Contact cost, you can get started for free. The free trial period lasts 60 days. That is more than enough to convince you of its potency. After that, you have to choose between ‘Email’ and ‘Email Plus.’

The ‘Email’ service costs $9.99 per month and varies according to the number of contacts you have. Of course, you may send as many emails as you like while still reaping additional benefits. The ‘Email Plus’ plan starts at $45 per month and grows based on the size of your email list.

Now let’s see what 
Convertkit offers at what price

Convertkit: Should You Go for It?

Without a doubt, Convertkit is easier to use than Constant Contact. It allows bloggers to easily automate their email marketing campaigns. Convertkit is used by bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and digital marketers for the following reasons:

1. Reasonable price.

2. Integrated opt-in forms and double-opt-in support.

3. Email capture solutions that are content-friendly.

4. Email sequence creator that works seamlessly.

5. Fantastic landing page editor.

Convertkit offers everything under one roof, from a landing page editor to paid newsletters. If you conduct highly focused marketing and/or sell digital items, I feel Convertkit is the way to go. So, if you don’t have deep money, don’t go for it.

Convertkit Features:

Let’s go through all of the major things that Convertkit has to offer. Then you may choose your favorite. Convertkit includes a lot of user-friendly features. Nonetheless, you must occasionally experiment with HTML codes.

Sell Digital Products and Services:

Convertkit makes it easy to sell digital items or services. It provides precise metrics so you can see what works and what doesn’t. You may also utilize lead magnets to grow your email list using this tool.

Constant Contact, like Convertkit, allows you to offer digital goods and services.

But hold on, there’s more. Convertkit also assists you in creating sales pages with unique ‘purchase now’ buttons. And it effortlessly delivers all of your digital items with just a few clicks. There is no requirement for any third-party integration.

Email Marketing Features:

Tailor your emails based on your audience group to increase open rates and CTR. For example, you may deliver Content A to beginners while sending Content B to experienced audiences. It is absolutely admirable.

Additionally, Convertkit makes it simple to send emails that highlight your branding. You may also utilize and create email templates. You may also deliver timed material to your subscribers. Additionally, like a pro, automate your sales funnel.

The Creator Pro:

Convertkit is designed for content creators such as bloggers and YouTubers. As a result, it includes Creator Pro capabilities such as the Deliverability Reports dashboard and the ability to send customized emails.

Also, you do not need to establish Facebook ad segments in order to target certain people with your advertising. Convertkit separates your Facebook audience. The program also assists you in changing the incorrectly included link in your email. Isn’t it fantastic?

Convertkit Pricing:

Convertkit pricing consists of ‘Free,’ ‘Creator’ and ‘Creator Pro’ options. You can begin without paying anything if you have up to 1000 subscribers. The ‘Creative’ plan from Convertkit costs $29 per month for up to 1000 subscribers.

For up to 1000 members, the Creator Pro starts at $59 per month. As you can see, the cost is determined by the number of members. But, you may construct an endless number of landing pages, broadcasts, and forms.

All options feature the ability to sell digital items, subscriptions, and email support.

Constant Contact VS Convertkit: Side-by-Side Comparison:

Again, it is dependent. When it comes to cost, Constant Contact is hands down. It also has a much larger feature set than Convertkit. Unlike Convertkit, Constant Contact assists you with client surveys and image libraries. Convertkit, on the other hand, provides beautiful email templates to help content producers flourish.

In addition, unlike Convertkit, which only functions as a web application, Constant Contact may be deployed on Android or iOS. You may be wondering why I picked Convertkit. To be honest, it’s quite easy to use and has a simple design.

Summary: Constant Contact VS Convertkit:

Constant Contact is an excellent choice for a full-service internet marketing solution. Without a doubt, it provides far more capability than Convertkit. Convertkit’s pricing may also be a tad costly for novices with more than 1000 subscribers.


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